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Matsuoka Glove manufactures gloves in various brands for golf, ski, bicycle, and motorcycle for over 50 years. Our client list includes some of the most well-respected brand names in various industries.

Followings are our own models of collection


Golf Glove

golf photo golf photo golf photo
  • EGO901:Back
  • EGO902:Back
  • EGO901:Palm

Main material

Model EGO901 EGO902
Back Sheep Skin Polyurethane
Plam Sheep Skin Polyurethane

Ski Glove

ski photo ski photo ski photo
  • ESK901:Back
  • ESK902:Back
  • ESK901:Palm

Main material

Model ESK901 ESK902
Back Cowhide Leather Nylon
Plam Cowhide Leather Cowhide Leather

Bicycle Glove

bicycle photo bicycle photo bicycle photo
  • EBK901:Back
  • EBK902:Back
  • EBK902:Palm

Main material

Model EBK901 EBK902
Back Nylon Polyester
Plam Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather

Motorcycl Glove

motorcycle photo motorcycle photo motorcycle photo
  • EMO901:Back
  • EMO902:Back
  • EMO901:Palm

Main material

Model EMO901 EMO902
Back Cowhide Leather Cowhide Leather
Plam Cowhide Leather Cowhide Leather

Our offer

Matsuoka Glove offers unique, exclusive OEM products to suit your concept.
We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of sports gloves such as golf, ski, bicycle, and motorcycle.
We offer to supply you all above said items in top quality and very competitive prices with the short production lead time.
Once you give us your styles and material specifications, We will forward samples with quotations to you.
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